UPDATE: The petition has passed. As of January 1st, 2016, dues are set at $100 per year, per household.


The HOA is proposing to increase yearly HOA dues from $17.25/year to $100/year per household.

In order to pass this proposal we need 2/3 of the home owners to vote in favor of this increase. Residents have already volunteered to go door to door and collect signatures but if you would like to help, please contact Elizabeth Brown at ebrown10846@gmail.com  or by calling (813) 922-4883 as soon as possible.

UPDATE: As of 8/18/15 the following homes marked in yellow have not voted. Please speak with your neighbors and help us collect the remaining signatures. We will be updating the map and stats periodically over the next month. We are assigning specific areas to volunteers who will be going door to do. If you would like to volunteer you can check the unassigned homes by  CLICKING HERE.

Current Stats
Yay: 273
Nay: 3
Non-Good Standing Yay: 53
Yet To Vote: 179
Potentially Tenant Occupied, Check Balance: 1
Ineligible/Not In Good Standing Yet To Vote: 118
Total: 627

We have 273 out of an eligible 455 votes, or 60.0%.
We need two-thirds, or 303 votes total to pass this amendment.
Votes To Go: 30


The HOA needs to raise the annual dues to $100 per year from  $17.25 per year to avoid HOA bankruptcy, which would cause significant added costs to residents (up to thousands of dollars per year). This is very serious. We need you to help vote to prevent this by signing a petition by September 1st allowing the change in dues through a special assessment. If the HOA is able to sustain itself from within, we can avoid arbitrary changes to our HOA dues from a receiver (court-directed manager appointed upon bankruptcy).


If the HOA goes into bankruptcy (receivership status), the dues can be raised to any arbitrary amount, which can be thousands of dollars per year per household at the request of the receiver, who would be appointed by the court. The receiver may not be local to the community and will be paid through the dues collected in addition to sustaining the community baseline responsibilities. By law, the HOA is not allowed to NOT be funded. The HOA can be funded internally through an assessed due that the residents agree to or through an arbitrary due assessed by the receiver.

How did this happen?

The developer was funding a large portion of the fees required to effectively run the development to attract buyers to move in by advertising low HOA fees.  After the developer left, the HOA is not able to sustain itself and pay for the required services through the annual assessment of $17.25 per household per year (initially $15.00 per year). The HOA provides services such as tax return filing, property management (to enforce violations, mailings, collect dues, etc), and other essential services.

What you can do to help?

We understand this is an increase in dues, but make certain that this would not be asked unless it was completely necessary. All of the members on the board are your neighbors and are equally concerned about raising dues unnecessarily, but this is necessary. Please consider signing the petition to enact the special assessment and help your neighborhood. Your neighbors will be coming around to talk to you about this. You can sign the petition various ways (as we come door to door, printing the form online and sending it in, at the upcoming pool party).  A two-thirds vote is required to pass the special assessment from all eligible households. Thank you for your help and please let your neighbors know and get the word out!

The official proposal letter can be found HERE.

Once we pass this proposal our HOA should bring in around $50,000 annually. This will allow us the ability to hire a full service property management company that will handle everything from accounting, to tax preparation, violations, mailers, etc…

The quote we received for the full service package can be found HERE with an estimated expense of $35,000 annually.

By passing this proposal we will have the ability to hire a full service property management company (which we have lacked for years) and still have a surplus of revenue to organize activities and more. You can find the proposed budget based on $100/year per household HERE.